Research Infrastructures

RIs – research infrastructures – are a strategic structural element of the PNRR, as they activate an investment plan that has no precedent in the Italian research landscape.
Thanks to the PNRR IRs, laboratories will be modernized, expanded or built that will allow to develop cutting-edge projects in strategic sectors such as quantum technologies, material development, digital and ecological transition.

A key element of this PNRR action is the commitment to make available the result of these large investments – laboratories and associated know-how – to a wide audience, including scientific and business audiences, and also to create training chains useful for filling skills gaps in cutting-edge sectors.

FBK, by virtue of its extensive and recognized skills, is involved in two IRs:

  • NFFA-DI for the manufacturing of MEMS devices. The proposing entity is CNR-IOM.
    FBK participates as a supplier for advanced micro-nano-fabrication activities;
  • iEntrance – based on Euronanolab network for the strengthening of analysis and characterization infrastructures. The proposing entity is CNR-IMM.
    FBK participates as a supplier that provides upgrading of nanofabrication equipment and characterization of sensors and materials dedicated to hydrogen.

Scientific contact

LorenzaFerrario FBK