The D3-4-Health project of the Complementary National Plan (PNC) has as its overarching goal the development of digital and biological twins for the purpose of transforming the diagnosis, monitoring, and management of five landmark diseases: metastatic colon cancer, liver cancer, central nervous system cancer, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

D3-4-Health will enable substantial advancement in the use of new technologies for medicine by developing innovative solutions for the communities concerned, using data and cutting-edge technologies (AI, interoperable platforms, wearable devices, smart sensors) to ensure the effective transformation of patient care into an eHealth ecosystem.
 PNC D3-4-Health is organized into 4 Spokes and includes a total of 28 participants.

FBK is participating in Spoke 2 “Multilayer platform to support the generation of the Patients’ Digital Twin.”

FBK will provide a distinctive contribution both on the Data Science side, supporting the development, testing and evaluation of Artificial Intelligence algorithms applied to the onditions of interest in the project, and on the technological-informatics side, through the construction of the different data integration layers and their transfer to the cloud aimed at ensuring the computational capacity required by the planned   simulations.

FBK is a founding promoter of the D3-4Health Foundation.

Coordinator: Sapienza University of Rome

Scientific Coordinator

Giuseppe Jurman FBK

The goal is to provide the Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) – and later other Public Administrations (PAs) in the country – with an “Artificial Intelligence” (AI) solution specifically designed for PAs, capable of supporting the need for analysis of complex systems (socio-economic context, local area status, public systems and services, etc.) and decision-making based on data, predictive models and simulations (“digital twin”).


The project is structured into 2 interventions that aim to apply the AI solution in two PA relevant domains:

1. Local area and Mobility: modeling, analysis and decision support related to land management, environmental emergencies, local mobility and, in general, scenarios that require modeling, analysis, simulation and decision support regarding phenomena that develop region-wide.

2. Productive world, businesses, agriculture: modeling, analysis and decision support related to the dynamics of industry, economic development, the labor market, business incentives and, in general, to scenarios that require modeling, analysis and decision support in connection to phenomena affecting the economic and productive context, the actors operating in it and the related local dynamics.

Actions will translate into the identification and implementation of a use-case that can provide evidence of AI’s ability to support analysis and decision-making processes relevant to PA.

Start: 05/01/2023 
End: 10/31/2025

Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT)

– Project management, Scope AI
– PAT Main contractor, Scope AI

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Scientific Coordinator

The overall goal of the DHEAL-COM project is the establishment of a nationwide Life Science Hub (DHEAL-COM HUB), intended as a Reference Model for the development and strengthening of digital technologies for Proximity Medicine.
DHEAL-COM HUB aspires to become the national reference structure for the development of digital solutions and new technologies for proximity medicine as well as support for research and innovation activities for information technologies and new personalized technologies according to the needs of primary users (e.g., target populations), secondary users (e.g., caregivers), tertiary users (e.g., practitioners, policy makers, industry), and local communities, with the involvement of healthcare industry-related businesses. 

DHEAL-COM HUB has two broad objectives:

  1. the creation of an infrastructure for the support and development of digital solutions and new technologies for proximity medicine that can be easily reached and used by end-users of various levels in a continuous process of research and innovation;
  2. the conduction of research projects capable of contributing to the advancement of the state of the art in the field of digital medicine applied to the local area, prioritizing the design of highly innovative technology solutions. 

The achievement of project objectives is based on the development of the following HUB elements:

  • DHEAL-COM Living Lab, a laboratory spread across the locations where the HUB partners operate, where prototyping, testing and validation work will be developed at the level of feasibility studies and proof-of-concept for potential new digital health services/products;
  • DHEAL-COM Open platform, a zero-footprint and cloud computing-based web portal that will enable intuitive use of all software tools developed with the project;
  • DHEAL-COM Training service, a platform containing documents and materials to support the achievement of skills and literacy for eHealth and community care (included in the DHEAL-COM Smart repository).
  • DHEAL-COM distributed Smart Repository, consisting of local repositories that will include multimodal data generated within each spoke.

DHEAL-COM includes 7 participants, 3 in Spoke level 1 and 4 (including FBK) in Spoke Level 2.
FBK participates in all 8 Work Packages on which the project is based with a special focus on design, implementation and development of Digital Therapeutics (Dtx) and makes a decisive contribution in the development of the Open Platform and Living Labs.

Duration: January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2026

Coordinator HUB:  IRCCS INRCA 

Scientific Coordinator