The D3-4-Health project of the Complementary National Plan (PNC) has as its overarching goal the development of digital and biological twins for the purpose of transforming the diagnosis, monitoring, and management of five landmark diseases: metastatic colon cancer, liver cancer, central nervous system cancer, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis.

D3-4-Health will enable substantial advancement in the use of new technologies for medicine by developing innovative solutions for the communities concerned, using data and cutting-edge technologies (AI, interoperable platforms, wearable devices, smart sensors) to ensure the effective transformation of patient care into an eHealth ecosystem.
 PNC D3-4-Health is organized into 4 Spokes and includes a total of 28 participants.

FBK is participating in Spoke 2 “Multilayer platform to support the generation of the Patients’ Digital Twin.”

FBK will provide a distinctive contribution both on the Data Science side, supporting the development, testing and evaluation of Artificial Intelligence algorithms applied to the onditions of interest in the project, and on the technological-informatics side, through the construction of the different data integration layers and their transfer to the cloud aimed at ensuring the computational capacity required by the planned   simulations.

fBK is a founding promoter of the D3-4Health Foundation.

Coordinator: Sapienza University of Rome

Scientific Coordinator

Giuseppe Jurman FBK