About FBK

Top Research institute in Italy, ranked at the 1st place for scientific excellence within 3 different subject areas (ICT, History and Sociology) and for the economic and social impact according to the quality of research ANVUR evaluation for the period 2010-2014.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler is a research non-profit public interest entity.

Being the result of a history that is more than half a century old, through 2 scientific hubs, 7 research centers, 410 researchers, 2 specialized libraries, 7 laboratories, FBK aims to results of excellence in science and technology with particular emphasis on interdisciplinary approaches and to the applicative dimension.

We achieve this thanks to our constant attention to collaborations and exchange activities with research organizations, both institutional and corporate, national and international, which extend our innovation capability and involve the community and the local economy in the circulation of knowledge and technologies.


The Mission of Fondazione Bruno Kessler can be summarized in five main points:

1. Scientific research of excellence

2. Attracting talent and resources

3. Internationalization

4. Social and technical innovation

5. Impact on the local communities

Transparent administration

For any further information about FBK organization, please visit FBK – Transparent administration.

Governing bodies

Board of Directors

  • Francesco Profumo – President
  • Ilaria Vescovi – Vice President
  • Alberto Carli
  • Vanessa Cattoi
  • Paolo Collini
  • Roberto Della Marina
  • Speranza Falciano
  • Simona Heidempergher
  • Anna Perini

Secretary General

Scientific Committee

  • Maurizio Sobrero – President
  • Marco Ajmone Marsan
  • Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini
  • Luigi Gambardella
  • Marco Gori
  • Guido Pellegrini
  • Roberta Ramponi
  • Francesca Rossi
  • Pasqualina M. Sarro
  • Andrea Vacchi

Board of Auditors

  • Marcello Condini – President
  • Franca Della Pietra
  • Lucia Zandonella Maiucco
  • Anna Postal – supply member

Founders and Supporters Board

  • Autonomous Province of Trento (Founder)
  • Comune di Trento
  • Comune di Rovereto
  • Camera di Commercio, Industria, Artigianato e Agricoltura della
  • Confindustria di Trento
  • Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Trento e Rovereto
  • Federazione Trentina della Cooperazione

Statute and constituent acts

Full statute of Fondazione Bruno Kessler.

Constituent acts of Fondazione Bruno Kessler.