Humanities Hub Santa Croce Trento

Head Office - Bruno Kessler Foundation [directions]

Via Santa Croce, 77
38122 TRENTO
+39 0461 314 200

POVO Office - Bruno Kessler Foundation [directions]

Via Sommarive, 18 - POVO
38123 TRENTO
+39 0461 314 444

  • Resta_250523_phAF
    Ferruccio Resta
    Contact: Elisa Gamberoni
  • Secretary General
    Andrea Simoni
    Contact: Nadia Oss Papot
  • Corporate Relationship Office
    Giuliano Muzio
    Contact: Giuliano Muzio
  • Paolo traverso FBK
    Director Strategic Planning Office
    Paolo Traverso
    Contact: Carola Dori
  • Silvio Ranise
    Cyber Security
    Director: Silvio Ranise
    Contact: Isabella Lucia Masè
  • Marco Pistore - Archivio fotografico FBK
    Digital Society
    Director: Marco Pistore
    Contact: Tristana Bianchi
  • Alessandro Cimatti foto da archivio FBK
    Digital Industry
    Director: Alessandro Cimatti
    Contact: Isabella Lucia Masè
  • Digital Health & Wellbeing
    Director: Stefano Forti
    Contact: Maddalena Bassetti
  • Stefano Merler
    Health Emergencies
    Director: Stefano Merler
    Contact: Maddalena Bassetti
  • Sustainable Energy
    Director: Luigi Crema
    Contact: Loredana Panato
  • Alessandro Sperduti - FBK
    Augmented Intelligence
    Director: Alessandro Sperduti
    Contact: Loredana Panato
  • Sensors & Devices
    Director: Richard Hall-Wilton
    Contact: Loredana Panato
  • Italian-German Historical Institute (ISIG)
    Director: Massimo Rospocher
    Contact: Michela Chistè
  • Research for the Evaluation of Public Policies (IRVAPP)
    Director: Mirco Tonin
    Contact: Michela Chistè
  • Massimo LEONE 2022 - Foto accademica
    Center for Religious Studies (ISR)
    Director: Massimo Leone
    Contact: Massimo Leone
  • European Centre for Theoretical Studies in Nuclear Physics and Related Areas (ECT*)
    Director: Bira van Kolck
    Contact: Ubirajara Lourencao Van Kolck
  • Legal Office
    Contact: Sara Giovannini
  • Research Assessment
    Contact: Bruno Giovanni Caprile
  • Communication & External Relations
    Contact: Silvia Malesardi
  • Corruption Prevention, Transparency and Privacy
    Contact: Alessandro Dalla Torre
  • Environment Health and Safety
    Contact: Manuel Rezza
  • Human Resources
    Contact: Alessandro Dalla Torre
  • Accounting and Financial Department
    Contact: Umberto Silvestri
  • Tenders and contracts
    Contact: Paola Angeli
  • Digital Solutions and IT Infrastructures
    Contact: Marco De Rosa
  • Corporate Assets
    Contact: Amos Collini
  • Data Protection Officer
    Contact: Anna Benedetti
  • Library
    Contact: Matteo Fadini
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