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Through a series of organizational welfare initiatives, and the promotion of working arrangements that are flexible and based on objectives, FBK ensures career developments that are intended to harmonize working and private life.

Effective welfare policies, including pilot ones, have positive effects both inside and outside the organization: they create a work climate that is in tune with the private lives of individuals, ensure a positive effect on reputation and greater capacity and attractiveness. The importance of having and retaining human resources that are motivated and actively involved in the company’s mission is a key condition for achieving and maintaining work standards of excellence.
The attention to a work climate that is as harmonious and diversity sensitive as possible, increases employees’ involvement in the organizational activities, the quality of internal relations, motivation and the resulting professional contribution to the personal and overall productivity of the Foundation.

FBK has been engaged for years in the promotion of actions aimed at improving the quality of the working life of its human capital. Actions aimed at improving the balance between private life and work life are part of an overall strategy of management innovation and corporate social responsibility (CSR), within the horizon of the European Charter for Researchers.

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Multiple training and development opportunities.
Professional and organizational learning for functional, personal and cultural improvement through the platform FBK Academy.


In collaboration with Distretto Family Audit di Trento we design services and opportunities that address work-life balance and improve the employees’ wellbeing.


We promote a proactive strategy in order to overcome discrimination of any kind and create a fair and inclusive environment according to European Union standards. (View the Gender Equality Plan)

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We promote flexibility tools that create the conditions for the enhancement of different organizational needs and are designed to manage working time based on goals.

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FBK recognizes its employees a yearly performance bonus and a participation bonus paid in proportion to the number and the quality of the projects on which they collaborate each year.

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Laborfonds and Resaver are complementary pension plans for which FBK pays an additional contribution. FBK also offer the opportunity to join Sanifonds Trentino.

The Human Resources service of the Bruno Kessler Foundation has a Welcome Office which, through a series of dedicated services, offers support to incoming employees and collaborators in order to facilitate their work placement and organizational socialization both in the Foundation and in the local area.
the Foundation obtained the Human Resources Strategy for Researchers award, a certification for the excellence of human resources services, rewarding its commitment and policies in favor of its staff as well as the positive and favorable environment for researchers, with fair and transparent recruitment and evaluation processes and professional development and growth paths.

FBK adheres to the  Family Audit project promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento and it is focusing on the development of a culture and a company policy with a view to reconciling family and work, a sustainable respect for the environment and an enhancement the specific and differentiated needs of FBK personnel.