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Quantum Technologies: from the laboratory to the market

FBK has always conducted research on cutting-edge superconductors, photonic, optical, micromechanical, and electronic devices as enabling technologies for innovation in the biomedical, space exploration and quantum applications research domains.
A revolution is expected in the coming years that derives from the management of quantum phenomena for computers, sensors and innovative materials.
The impact of this revolution is disruptive: QTs have immediate and far-reaching effects on all fields of science, ranging from computer science to biology, telecommunications, engineering, medicine, economics and the environment.
The challenge for the next 5-10 years is to bring QTs to the Italian production network, through multidisciplinary research, aimed at high-end technology, with start-ups able to transfer and implement new technologies in the form of products.


FBK strengths

FBK is a highly flexible research and innovation partner:

  • CUSTOMIZATION: FBK is able to satisfy the most peculiar requests of specific industrial applications
  • SKILLS: has design, manufacturing and prototyping capabilities thanks to its clean room, with the highest quality standards (micro and nano-electronic technologies for new generation sensors and devices)
  • NETWORK: thanks to its exchanges with international partners of excellence, FBK ensures the
    best solution to every problem.

Technologies and fields of application

  • MEMS Mass Flow sensors for cold gasmicrothrusters
    MEMS flow sensors made at FBK are currently on board the space satellites for the long-term
    space missions GAIA, LISA PATHFINDER, MICROSCOPE and EUCLIDE. Our technology
    readiness level (TRL) is 9/9 (actual system tested in operating environment).
  • Single Photon Image Sensors for Quantum Imaging
    Quantum imaging applications require the ability to detect single photons with high spatial
    accuracy. Single-photon avalanche diodes (SPAD) technology integrated in CMOS
    (Complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) chips with smart features in the pixel is an
    enabling technology for advanced imaging.
  • Silicon photomultipliers
    High performance single photon silicon photomultipliers, built in custom FBK technology for various applications. This technology is flexible and adapts to different wavelengths and operating conditions and it is possible to study a design focused on solving specific problems.

Major Projects


Acronym for Elecronic-photonic integrated quantum simulator platform, aims to develop a new generation of quantum simulators, consisting of a chip-sized device, fully integrated, operating at room temperature and with scalable power, able to support many parallel devices.


Objective: to create a quantum microscope working with the ghost imaging technique, where the image is created with photons that have not interacted with the sample. In this way, it is possible to use the visible sensors developed by FBK to observe the infrared wavelengths.

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Objective: to achieve the Italian leadership in quantum sciences and technologies. Companies and research institutions together to attract investments and develop new technology as part of the the 10 billion European flagship in 10 years.