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Digital technology is reshaping our society with a scale and speed like never before, and is playing a more and more pervasive role in our life, with profound influences on our culture, creativity, behavior, social life, recreation, education, work. The notion of “Digital Society” refers to the evolution that is happening in our society as an effect of this digital revolution.


The potentials offered by digital technology are enormous, in terms of growth, quality of life, efficiency of services, cultural diversity, access to information, decision making, citizen participation and engagement, etc.. However, there are also enormous risks associated with the scale and speed of the changes induced by such a pervasive adoption. The challenge of the Digital Society is to make it sure digital technology is used for the benefit of all and to create a more sustainable, inclusive and secure society.


The Center undertakes interdisciplinary research and develops digital technology able to address the key challenges of the Digital Society. The research focuses in particular on the following key domains: Integrative AI, Intelligence at the Edge, Socio-Technical Systems. These domains offer the appropriate instruments to face the big challenges for the future Digital Society: Digital Transformation, Green Transition, and Sustainable Society.To achieve its mission, the Center exploits strong partnerships with public administrations – in primis the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Municipality of Trento – on strategic domains such as school, digital services, urban security, environmental sustainability.Through co-innovations labs, the Center undertakes strategic collaborations with key companies, including DedaGroup (digital transformation and sustainability) and GFT (digital finance). The Center also collaborates with the University of Trento through joint research labs and “double appointment” positions. 


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