Religious Studies

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The Center for Religious Studies (ISR) pursues interdisciplinary research in the field of religion. With a particular focus on innovation within contexts of faith, in numerous research projects ISR inquires into issues related to violence and religion, religious disagreement, ethics and religious intolerance.


  • Heightening awareness
  • Excelling in research
  • Responding to the social demand of knowledge
  • Mapping the role of religion and ethics
  • Exerting assessable positive impact
  • Securing long-term sustainability


The mission of the Centre for Religious Studies (ISR) is to conduct research of the highest quality and to promote frontier studies on religion and ethics, on the sole basis of scientific excellence, with the aim of contributing to the persistence of religion as an inspiring matrix of values to promote peace, provide freedom, achieve sustainable development, combat social exclusion and discrimination, and respect cultural diversity.

The Centre focuses on a few key areas of contemporary religious studies in order to respond to the social demand for knowledge on religion and ethics, map its role in cultural and social transformations, exert an assessable positive impact on major religious and ethical challenges, and adopt a long-term sustainability strategy based on the accumulation of research and impact.


Massimo Leone

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