Religious Studies

The Center for Religious Studies (ISR) pursues interdisciplinary research in the field of religion. With a particular focus on innovation within contexts of faith, in numerous research projects ISR inquires into issues related to violence and religion, religious disagreement, ethics and religious intolerance.


The study of change, the judgment on right or wrong change, choices on whether to change or not, innovation experiments, changes within the religious community and in civil society are at the heart of the short history of ISR and the long history of Trento, the city of the Council.


ISR identifies its mission in the task of understanding and improving the relationship between religion and innovation, exploring in what ways innovation is produced within religious communities, in particular through interpretation of texts, theorization, transmission and reinvention of traditions and institutional changes. With respect to the three dimensions of "innovation in religion", "religion in innovation" and "religion of innovation", ISR offers not only an analytical and interpretative contribution, but also a propositive and experimental one aimed at improving the relationship between religion and innovation.


Massimo Leone

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