Sensors & Devices

The S&D Center focuses on highly integrated sensors and devices, products of excellence in research and industrial innovation, based on MEMS, CMOS, photonics and surface functionalization techniques and interfaces


As part of the FBK mission, which aims to achieve results of scientific excellence and to produce an impact on society, our activities include both state-of-the-art research on integrated sensors and devices and new frontier research in the field of Quantum Sciences and Technologies bound to become essential in the very near future.


Among our main objectives for 2021 are an increase in devices for experiments at CERN and in space, the advanced functionalization of devices and sensors within the FESR-KTN project, the preparation for the enlargement of our Clean room aimed at the vertical integration of sensors and devices, an increased number of patents and our consolidation as an organization of excellence in the field of Quantum Sciences and Technologies.


Richard Hall-Wilton

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