Italian-German Historical Institute

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The Italian-German Historical Institute (ISIG) is a research center promoting study activities related to modern and contemporary history, with particular regard to the Italian and German areas.  ISIG has one of the richest libraries specialized in the field of historical studies on the Italian-German area and publishes the “Annals of the Italian-German Historical Institute in Trento” and the “Annali_Recensions_Online”, a free online periodical containing reviews dedicated to research in the Italian-German area.


ISIG conducts interdisciplinary and transnational research dedicated to the "mediatization and mediality of history between the modern and contemporary ages". Alongside this topic, the researchers at the Center develop projects in collaboration with other institutions and carry out individual research activities on political history, religious history, social history, cultural history, legal history, economic history. 



Alongside numerous research projects in collaboration with national and international scientific organizations, ISIG focuses on the study of mediatization and mediality of history, with an analytical study of the active role played by the media in influencing the course of events.

From this observation it can emerge how the media affect innovation processes and direct the perception of society on technological development.


Massimo Rospocher

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