Sustainable Energy

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The Centre on Sustainable Energy (SE) supports the development of devices and methods for generation, storage, and distribution of energy solutions at low environmental impact. This will be done in the perspective of energy sustainability, of systems and solutions that respect the environment and the quality of life, of solutions with a lower impact on health and on environmental pollution levels. The ground for the Centre on “Sustainable Energy” is based on the Decarbonization targets, which will demand for more flexibility of the energy system, through new gas and power grids and through the use of energy vectors and storage solutions, as enablers for the wide penetration of renewables.
Sustainable Energy


SE believes that the efficient and effective implementation of innovative energy solutions will contribute to balance our ecological footprint and grant our future.

As part of the FBK mission, which aims to achieve results of scientific excellence and to produce an impact on society, SE promotes R&I on new energy solutions and aims at transfer them to the market collaborating with partners at industrial and territorial levels.


The main areas and objectives of the Center for 2021 are:

  1. development of energy storage technologies in batteries, flux and of next generation;
  2. development of innovative solutions for the production of green hydrogen;
  3. development of initiatives related to energy grids: micro grids, distribution grids and transmission grids.

Value Proposition
SE offers its know-how, expertise, and facilities in the energy domain to achieve a measurable value on a common objective.


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