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The Foundation generates both scientific and industrial results.

Research results obtained by FBK are disseminated through national and international publication systems. Many of these are made openly accessible in order to facilitate knowledge sharing. You can easily find them at Research Results and and the Books and new media.

Many innovations that impact our everyday life have passed through the FBK laboratories, some of which are also present in our spin-offs.

The news of the grant from the European Research Council (ERC), Europe's leading body that subsidizes excellent frontier research, came following a highly competitive selection
The solution developed ensures data security, allows for user experience customization, enables predictive analytics, and facilitates the creation of maintenance ticket and intervention requests.
Trentino is at the center of the tests for the implementation of the European Digital Identity Wallet conducted by PagoPA - based on the IO app experience - in cooperation with Fondazione Bruno Kessler and Istituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato.
A virtual tool that works symbiotically with the city to analyze, correlate and visualize data to facilitate understanding and exploration of city phenomena and systems, predict urban evolutions in advance through the construction of hypothetical scenarios and the simulation of their evolution over time, monitor the evolution and effects of external events and government actions, and optimize the effectiveness of services and the impact of policies through continuous revision based on data on how they work.
FBK and the City of Trento are partners in three EU-funded international projects aimed at improving the protection of public spaces.
L’esposizione di persone con compromissione cognitiva e fisica a scenari immersivi realistici e naturali in realtà virtuale tramite visore è sicura e ha un impatto sulla promozione dello stato di rilassamento e di emozioni positive.
The scientific achievement to which FBK contributed has been published in Nature's Communication Physics
FBK con TrentinoSalute 4.0 e il Centro Digital Health and Wellbeing è direttamente coinvolta nell’articolazione del progetto "Sanità digitale e Intelligenza Artificiale", finanziato lo scorso dicembre dalla Giunta provinciale con circa 817 mila euro.
The Fondazione Bruno Kessler is collaborating on a model for automated analysis of CT images using artificial intelligence algorithms.
Simple Methods of Artificial Intelligence for Learning and Education (SMaILE) teaches AI to Generation Z through gamification and empowerment.
With a total budget of 60 million euros and a time horizon of 5 years, AgrifoodTEF aims to develop testing and experimentation infrastructure to facilitate the adoption of services and products based on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics in the European agrifood sector. The project’s kick-off will take place in Trento on February 1 and 2, hosted by Fondazione Bruno Kessler, the project’s coordinator.
The appointment of 24 January 2023 concerns the most important European research organization in the field of hydrogen.

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patents granted and 9 applications

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