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In this new context of epochal change, FBK pays particular attention to its stakeholders – public administration, private companies and European agencies – by coordinating its global strategy in strong synergy between the two pillars on which the Foundation is based: scientific excellence and impact on the market and society. 

With this in mind, FBK implements two main actions aimed at directing and coordinating research, development and innovation activities:

  • a Marketing Strategy whose objective is to identify the “reference market”, i.e. what meets the needs and interests of FBK’s stakeholders, and FBK’s “market products”, i.e. the solutions, products, services that arise from the needs of stakeholders;
  • Business Development, whose goal is to define, suggest and implement a planning strategy, projects and activities that seize the opportunities of the reference market identified by strategic marketing, taking into account the resources, the skills present (but also those that can be created) at FBK.


Marketing Strategy and Business Development Manager's Office


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