How I met… my future job – IV Forum of the Action group 3-EUSALP, con la partecipazione di Francesco Profumo

Molti giovani oggi sognano di diventare imprenditori e di avere una propria impresa. Tuttavia, hanno bisogno di vedere storie di successo per capire come sia possibile lavorare attualmente nelle Alpi sviluppando le proprie capacità e creatività. La possibilità di creare il proprio futuro. Francesco Profumo aiuterà a concludere le loro riflessioni.
Next January 28th AG3 will organise a  Forum dedicated to the main topics of the groups. Testimonials for the morning and afternoon session have been already decided. The group is working to involve school addresses from France, Switzerland and Western Italy and other  testimonials for the morning session.

How I Met Your Mother is a very popular Netflix series. It tells of the bumpy, amusing, and ultimately successful path the protagonist follows in achieving his dream of building a family. Many young people today have the dream of becoming entrepreneurs and having their own businesses. However, they need to see success stories to understand how it is possible to work at the present time in the Alps  developing their skills and creativity. The possibility of creating their own future.

In the morning session – dedicated to young people – the CEO of Aquafil, Giulio Bonazzi, will describe how, since the founding of Aquafil in 1965, the resources, ideas and investments of Aquafil have been concentrated on growth and excellence with the focus on environmental, social and corporate sustainability.
The creativity of Rok Gartnar, a young Slovenian entrepreneur and inventor of mountain machinery, will present another way of living and working in the Alps. And finally a project developed in Austria, “Smart Factories – Connected Learning”, will be illustrated by Gerhard Rinnergschwenter, Head of the Tiroler Fachschule Kufstein.

The afternoon session – dedicated to all those who are interested in shaping the future – will deal with futurology and jobs of the future: Grammenos Mastrojeni, Italian diplomat, professor and writer, Andrea Ferrazzi, Director of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti and Roberto Poli, futurologist, academic at the University of Trento, will talk of green jobs and the jobs of the future.

Francesco Profumo, President of the Bruno Kessler Foundation, former President of the National Research Council and Minister for Education, University, and Research from 2011 to 2013 will help to conclude our reflections.

The event will be conducted and moderated by Hannes Goetsch and Luca Daprà of the BASIS Association.

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