TreC – Medical Records of the Citizen

Medical people
03/02/2017 TreC (or 3C) is the acronym for Cartella Clinica del Cittadino, in English Medical Records of the Citizen, a research and innovation project of the Autonomous Province of Trento as part of its Provincial Healthcare Service.

TreC will support new forms of communication with physicians and health care institutions. The system will enable citizens to electronically interface with health care professionals. Depending on the needs, TreC may act, for example, as the platform for real-time reporting of vital signs in remote monitoring, a protected messaging system with one own's doctors or a channel to receive personalized information from the healthcare system.

Experimentation with a number of mobile Apps is ongoing,that will enable citizens to keep track of personal notes about their health (e.g. food, exercise, symptoms, etc.), gathered in day-to- day life situations, thus a mobile health diary of sorts.

The diary Apps will cover the field of prevention or remote management of the chronically ill. This App will be "smart" and will guide patients towards healthy lifestyles. A number of pilot studies are being implemented to study the acceptability and usability of mobile Apps in the remote management of patients with type I diabetes, pediatric, adults and pregnant women, of cancer patients on home oral therapy 2, of patients on home peritoneal dialysis 3, etc. Also, Apps supporting the management of overweight/obese children and the home diagnosis of patients with hypertension. A further goal of the pilot studies is to study of clinical, socio-economic and organizational aspects.