FBK and Extended Partnerships

23/08/2022 The results of the call on the Extended Partnerships of the MUR, based on the PNRR, have rewarded FBK, protagonist of 5 proposals among those that have passed the first selection, dedicated to 14 topics of national interest.

Success is the result of the ever growing reputation of the Foundation, combined with a well-focused strategy that is rooted in the “Carta di Rovereto”, a document that outlines the strategy of the Trentino Research System led by PAT.

Precisely in the face of this strategy, FBK has chosen to focus on some specific topics of the MUR call and on these it has built the prerequisites for the excellent result that sees it as “spoke” (subject involved in the implementation of the project and identified by the implementing subject) in two of the extended partnerships dedicated to two topics of primary relevance and strategicity: artificial intelligence and quantum technologies.