Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionary Challenges

For over 30 years, FBK has been at the forefront of Italian, European and international research on AI.
AI is commonly defined as a computer system that performs tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision making, and translation.
This general purpose technology plays a vital role in addressing today’s major challenges such as digital transformation, climate change, the industry of the future and digital health.


Our strengths derive from the combination of the following elements:

  1. high quality scientific research on AI;
  2. solid presence in the national and international community;
  3. ability to develop widely recognized AI technology solutions;
  4. decades of experience in co-innovation laboratories where research is developed and
    applied that has an impact on the market and society.

These factors make FBK a key player in the scientific world and in many AI application domains such as industry 4.0, health and healthcare, public administration and smart cities.


We strive to attain an integrated, distributed, interacting and verifiable AI.

Computational modeling capable of integrating heterogeneous representation and reasoning approaches, including non- specific AI techniques, symbolic and sub-symbolic representation techniques, or machine and deductive learning techniques.

as a seamlessly distributed and collaborative technology from the centralized cloud to the periphery, to the devices positioned and distributed in the environment, to the AI for the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded in sensors and microelectronics devices (the so-called “AI on Chip”).

reliable AI, able to be used in critical applications, such as those in the field of autonomous driving, avionics, applications in medicine; an AI capable of ensuring safety and security requirements and carrying out delicate tasks for people.

An AI capable of interacting in an easy and understandable way with people, capable of understanding language and behavior, of being autonomous but at the same time knowing when and how to call for human intervention, transferring control (“transfer of control”) or collaborating with people (” human in the loop”) in the appropriate way.


Within the NRRP:

The FAIR partnership, led by CNR, proposes a global interdisciplinary approach to integrative Artificial Intelligence, with integration along two directions. Integrative horizontal  Artificial Intelligence  deals with the combination of several high-level elements: modeling, reasoning, and deliberation in autonomous agents; interaction with the environment, including humans; and cooperation between multiple artificial and human agents.In contrast, Vertical Integrative Artificial Intelligence is geared toward combining techniques and different scientific methods, skills, and technologies in specific areas of AI.

The Supercomputing Center is one of five national research centers under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) .Advanced by the National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), the new entity can count on 51 founding members, distributed throughout the national territory, from the public and private scientific research and industry sectors.
FBK, a founding member of the HPC Center, is involved in 3 Spokes:

    – co-leader in the Spoke “Digital Society & Smart Cities” with Digital Society Center;
    – affiliated in the Spoke “Insilico Medicine & Omics Data” with Digital Health & Wellbeing Center;
    – affiliated with the Spoke “Earth & Climate” with Digital Industry Center.

FBK plays also a key role in some European flagship projects and is part of the main networks on Artificial Intelligence such as:

  • AI4AI, a project that aims to build the first European AI platform and ecosystem.
  • TAILOR  and Humane-AINet , two of the four European networks of excellence on AI.
  • AIPlan4EU  and AI@EDGE , two important projects that aim to consolidate AI platforms by introducing automated planning and edge computing techniques.
  • VISION, the strategic action that aims to keep Europe at the forefront of AI development.

With nearly 80 experienced researchers in the field of AI, FBK has contributed to the National Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Systems, AIIS since 2018.