Seminar on the Blockchain

Is there more than cryptocurrencies?

Sala “Luigi Stringa”, FBK Povo

Via Sommarive 18, Povo

What is the Blockchain?
It is a distributed transaction log that is protected by cryptographic techniques and consent algorithms. At its core is the desire to replace a centralized entity that certifies transactions, with a distributed network that does not need trusted entities but is able to function properly even when some of them are malicious.

Blockchain miners
Historically, the blockchain was created for bitcoins, solving one of the main problems of cryptocurrencies: double-spending, which consists in copying digital money to spend it several times. The bitcoin blockchain uses the proof-of-work protocol that ensures that modifying one or more recorded transactions is impossible or, better, computationally very expensive. There are entities in the blockchain, called miners, that take care of solving cryptographic problems to verify transactions by receiving a certain amount of cryptocurrency. The incentive for miners is therefore clear: an advantage in economic terms.

Which consent mechanisms for applications that do not involve cryptovauts?

The seminar will try to answer this question thanks to the talks by four speakers who will illustrate many aspects related to the issue:

  • Blockchain basic cryptography techniques
  • The use of cryptocurrencies in day-to-day life
  • The use of the blockchain in l’IoT
  • an overview on the blockchain applications in Italy

Silvio Ranise, Head of Unit at the Security and trust Research Unit – FBK

Alessandro Olivo
, co-founder at InBitcoin and BlockchainEdu
Massimiliano Sala, Director, CryptoLabTN (Laboratory of Industrial Mathematics and Cryptography, University of Trento)
Raffaele Giaffreda, Chief IoT Scientist at FBK CREATE-NET


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