With ENEA for hydrogen, batteries and renewables of the future

06/07/2021 Three-year agreement for the development of innovative solutions to support the ecological transition of our country.

Thanks to the memorandum of understanding signed on May 20, 2021, ENEA and FBK will act together to promote and coordinate project initiatives in the context of IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest), in particular on batteries and hydrogen, through specific support actions for Italian companies.

“We want to participate together with ENEA in a common global challenge. We feel strong tensions in the industrial and manufacturing sector, strained by the current situation and by elements of uncertainty, with the need to find new directions for development, where energy and environmental sustainability are a guarantee for future. We are participating in this challenge with a common spirit,  dedicating ourselves to daily providing support to industry. We will share skills and infrastructures, methods and tools to accelerate and correctly direct all this effort. […] “We offer businesses a co-development model, through which innovators and technicians from industry and technology centers work shoulder to shoulder in the same environments, in the same laboratories, focused on a common goal. We strive to design technologies by improving performance and reducing costs, analyzing the benefits and validating the technologies. Coming in first on new markets allows a positioning and growth factor on which we must focus at national level. ”
(LUIGI CREMA, Director of FBK’s Sustainable Energy Center)

ENEA and Fondazione Bruno Kessler are present and collaborate both in international organizations and initiatives – such as the International Energy Agency (IEA), Mission Innovation, Clean Hydrogen Alliance (CH2A) and Clean Hydrogen for Europe (CHE), IPCEI batteries and hydrogen – and national (H2IT and Confindustria) and represent a strategic partnership to promote territorial initiatives linked to energy communities and the use of renewable energy sources.