TreC, the citizen’s (digital) medical records in Trentino has reached 100 thousand members

trentinosalute 4.0
05/12/2019 Fondazione Bruno Kessler is expanding its experimentation in predictive medicine, eHealth, patient-physician relationship supported by new technologies and health 4.0 in general.

Technological development is opening up scenarios that were unthinkable until a few years ago and spending on digital healthcare is growing in Italy too.

Suffice it to say that over 30% of Italian citizens have used coaching apps, more than 57% of doctors use whatsapp to communicate with their patients and an incalculable number of individuals use the internet for self-diagnosis.

In particular, these new elements open up prospects for the future of personal well-being and the organization of health systems. They make it clear that creating scientifically valid tools in the health field is necessary. In the Trentino region, these reflections converge in the Trentino Salute4.0 laboratory, the competence center created in collaboration with the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Trento province healthcare System (APSS).

This joint laboratory is the place in the Foundation where we develop artificial intelligence technologies based on systems that interact with people and help them take care of their health.

We develop, for example, highly innovative virtual coaching smartphone applications with AI techniques that encourage healthy life styles such as the Salute+ app.

Another case study that is yielding excellent results is TreC_diabete, which helps health professionals monitor their patients and patients better manage their disease.


Number of users of TrentinoSalute4.0 services (data as of November 2019)

TreC web is the digital platform that enables Trento Province residents to access their digital health records online: 101,734 users

  • Number of payments made via TreC: 3239
  • Number of Primary Care physician changes entered through TreC: 7.784
  • Number of appointments made online in the current year: 26,324

TreC_FSE is the App that enables users to access their medical records, specialist visits and drug prescriptions from cell phones: 14.060 users

FastTreC is the service that allows residents to view and print the results of their medical exams/visits: 289.971 users



According to a study published by prof. Zamarian of the School of Economics at the University of Trento, in 2016, thanks to TreC, the costs saved by the citizens amounted to € 5,888,764, in addition to  € 562,500 of direct spending by the Trento Province Healthcare System.