The Euromediterranean Harmonic Innovation Hub (EHIC)

11/06/2019 The innovation campus will be the reference point for incubation, acceleration, integration and growth activities for startups, innovative SMEs and spin-offs in Calabria.

Through a multidisciplinary approach aimed at integrating hard and computational sciences with economic, social science and the humanities, the EHIC aims to become a reference point for incubation, acceleration, integration and scale-up of innovation processes for start-ups, innovative SMEs and spin-offs. The new hub will also facilitate the meeting between needs and solutions for innovation, technology transfer, scalability of valuable assets, animation and consolidation of networks and stable collaboration networks, both in the research phase and start-up phase, and in the subsequent pre-competitive development and consolidation on the market tages.

The second phase of the agreement, which will start at the end of 2019, will see the involvement in the project of financial partners and investment funds, which will bring further value to the project, both in the launch phase and in the subsequent full operation stage. The basic idea, in fact, is to promote a model with strong private capital investment and, thus, designed for entering the market by enhancing new incubation and acceleration routines with a high efficiency and performance rates, in particular in terms of reducing the relating process schedules, through the preliminary involvement of all the players in the supply chain: innovation providers, technological and system integrators, research centers and financial players. This will allow the EHIC to become an experimental laboratory that could also aim at integrating with the Competence Centers and with the Digital Innovation Hub provided for by the Industry 4.0 Plan.