The detectors of the fbk clean room in the chinese space mission

09/05/2018 In the Chinese space mission focusing on the study of earthquakes, the data collected by the satellite will be analyzed at INFN/TIFPA, the national scientific center of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics set up in collaboration with the University of Trento and the Trento province healthcare System.

With the Limadou project, Italy brings an instrument of its own aboard a Chinese mision for the first time. It is HEPD (High Energic Particle Detector), a detector developed to measure variations in the flow of particles that precipitate downwards due to perturbations generated by solar, seismic and anthropic phenomena. And the launch of CSES (China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite) also involves those who do research on the hills sorrounding Trento, but not only them; in fact for the Limadou detector, FBK has developed and manufactured, with its technology, almost 100-cm2 chips, a result that few in the world are able to achieve.

MORE INFORMATION: , Head of the MNF (Micro Nano characterization and fabrication Facility) of FBK’s Center for Materials and Microsystems.