SMACT, 7 million from MISE and a new general manager

11/06/2019 The Competence Center, of which FBK is also a part, obtained its first funding from the MiSE and appointed Andrea Tellarini as general manager.

The funding awarded will be divided into two parts: 4.3 million for the startup and development stages of the live demos; 2.7 million for technological innovation projects for SMEs.

It will operate mainly in 3 areas:

  • orientation for companies, in particular SMEs, through the preparation of a series of tools aimed at supporting them in assessing their level of digital and technological maturity;
  • training for companies, in order to promote and disseminate skills in the Industry 4.0 field through training activities in classrooms, on the production line and on real applications;
  • innovation projects, industrial research and experimental development, advanced by companies, and supply of technology transfer services within Industry 4.0, also through actions to stimulate the demand for innovation by companies, particularly SMEs.
  • anche attraverso azioni di stimolo alla domanda di innovazione da parte delle imprese, in particolare delle PMI.