Online Alcide – A journey through the writings of De Gasperi

04/12/2019 A complex project that contains more than 2700 documents (from 1901 to 1954) concerning the work of the Trentino statesman and founding father of the European common house Alcide de Gasperi, who was the last Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Italy and first one of the Italian Republic.

The ALCIDE platform (Analysis of Language and Content In a Digital Environment) stemmed from the collaboration between two research centers of Trento-based Fondazione Bruno Kessler: the Italian-German Historical Institute and the Digital Humanities team of the Center for Information and Communication Technology.

Historians and computer scientists specializing in the humanities have worked on the construction of an original speech analysis software, which combines language analysis tools with visualization models of complex data structures.

It allows different types of automatic analysis of documents: key concept extraction, text search, recognition of person and place names, network visualization, identification of co-occurrences, analysis of text syntactic and semantic complexity. The corpus of documents is integrally based on the edition A. De Gasperi, Scritti e political speeches, I-IV, sotto la direzione scientifica di Paolo Pombeni, Bologna, il Mulino, 2006-2009.