04/01/2017 MateCat represents a business model that gives to professional translators the possibility to avoid costs of outsourcing.

It is an enterprise-level, online CAT tool designed to make post-editing and outsourcing easy and to provide a complete set of features to manage and monitor translation projects. It is the result of a 3-year research project led by a consortium composed of the international research center FBK (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), Translated srl, the Université du Maine, and the University of Edinburgh.

Led by Marcello Federico (FBK), the MateCat research team developed a comprehensive IT tool for professional translators. The system is able to learn from mistakes, automatically improve over time and specialize in field-specific language (for example, legal terminology) to provide the user the most accurate translation suggestions in a completely automatic and transparent manner.

In 2015 it came in seventh in the ranking that includes 279 European scientific programs in “Innovation Radar”, a study of the European Commission to identify the projects with the highest potential for innovation among the initiatives funded by the Seventh Framework Program of the European Union.

“This result,” says Marcello Federico “is a source of pride for me personally and for Fondazione runo Kessler. It demonstrates how FBK, in addition to doing advanced research, is able to properly support business innovation and to improve the competitiveness of Italian industry”.