How we would like the Internet of the future to be. Roberto Viola at the Bruno Kessler Lecture

30/06/2017 What great opportunities does the Internet offer? What concerns does it raise? How can Europe contribute to the development of a more human being-centered Internet?

Roberto Viola, Director General of DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission, spoke about it this morning at Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Povo (TN) during the fifth Bruno Kessler Lecture.

In front of a room full of researchers, students, and citizens interested in listening to these important reflection of our time, Roberto Viola presented his vision as an expert and prominent observer of the Internet.

“The growing relevance of the Internet,” said Viola, “implies that it is no longer just an IT network but is rapidly shaping the economy and our daily lives.”

According to Viola, the Internet has become an important economic driver, which has made it possible to digitally transform most of the sectors of the economy, challenging business traditional models. At the same time, it is transforming our society: the way we live, the way we work, how we get informed and relate to each other. “These changes,” said Viola, “raise fundamental issues: does the Internet as we know it today meet the needs of citizens? What kind of Internet do we want to connect to ten years from now? What is the role of politics in shaping the evolution of the Internet? ”

According to the Director-General of the European Commission, DG Communication Network, Content and Technology, it is crucial to reflect on the key technologies and market trends that will lead the development of the Internet over the next few years, as well as to discuss how these developments can meet the needs of users more appropriately and on the other hand reflect the social and ethical values ​​we enjoy in our societies.