25/03/2020 Multimedia geographic expeditions, virtual time travel, creative works and science experiments inspired by the greatest scientists in history.

All multimedia routes Kids go Green are designed by expert educators and, step by step, they offer new topics to be explored. Users can follow a geographical expedition across the regions of Italy, to discover its beautiful architecture and landscapes and visit some of the greatest museums in the world. Or travel through time, to learn more about ancient civilizations, but also get to know some of the greatest scientists oin history and follow the tips to do scientific experiments at home.

The routes are freely accessible and show the recommended age group, most of them between 6 and 14 years. As the days go by, new stages will be added to expand the exploration. The project features include high quality contents and participatory route structures, so that kids are involved not only in discovering and learning but also in carrying out creative activities.

“Even if the amount of material available online is huge,” Annapaola Marconi, FBK researcher explains, “it is very difficult for parents to find material suitable for the age of their child, capable of capturing their attention and, above all, with high educational value. The material associated with each stage of Kids Go Green #IoRestoACasa is the result of an accurate work of creation and selection of documentaries, video lessons, audio-stories and other multimedia resources. Each stage offers tasks that see the child as the protagonist, involved in creating or in-depth exploring material that allows even the youngest ones to experience the topic treated firsthand and to express, through their own interpretation, what they have learned”.

An initiative of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, in partnership with the social cooperative Kaleidoscopio and sponsored by ITAS Mutua and Cassa Centrale Banca.

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