Identifying and preventing the possible negative effects of cyberbullying on young people

13/12/2017 The CREEP (Cyberbulling Effects Prevention) project will be implemented in 2018 with the coordination of Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Health & Wellbeing, Digital Humanities and Future Media teams), in partnership with Expert System, the eCrime group of the University of Trento, the French Center Inria and the German startup Neuronation.

Funded by EIT Digital, it aims to develop new technologies for the early detection of online bullying by monitoring social media, as well as offering preventive advice and recommendations to teenagers through a virtual assistant (chatbot).

Thanks also to the support of the Department of Health and Social Solidarity and the Department of Knowledge of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Trentino will become a living lab where cyberbullying will be analyzed not only on the Web, but also through a sample survey targeting students, and interviews with experts of the world of education and health. In addition, students and teachers of some middle and high school pilot classes will take part in educational-exploratory workshops to raise awareness of the topic and test the technological tools developed.