Horiba chooses FBK to develop its innovative sensors

24/05/2018 The Japanese company, world leader in the chemical analysis for various industrial segments including automotive, biomedical and environmental monitoring, collaborates with the Center for Materials and Microsystems in the laboratories of the Micro Nano Facility led by Pierluigi Bellutti.Facility guidata da Pierluigi Bellutti.

The multi-year collaboration stemmed from the need of HORIBA to find a partner able to design and manufacture new generation sensors to be embedded in their products. After a global search, the Japanese company identified FBK as having the needed standards of quality, reliability and ability to manufacture series of components.

The agreements include a technology transfer stage aimed at making available to the Japanese laboratories the products developed at FBK. To ensure the success of this phase, a HORIBA researcher spent more than a year at FBK, in close contact with our researchers, while FBK researchers spent internship periods at their Kyoto headquarters, in order to complete the training of the HORIBA staff”.

This is a rare and noteworthy case of technology and knowledge transfer from Italy to Japan.