IPCEI funding of over 59 million euros to develop the batteries of the future in Trentino

20/07/2022 The project will be carried out by Fondazione Bruno Kessler and Green Energy Storage

Thanks to an IPCEI (Important Projects of Common European Interest) funding of over 59 million euros obtained from Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) and Green Energy Storage (GES), Trentino will develop new generation batteries, innovative energy storage systems that will use non-toxic, sustainable and low-cost electrolytes.

The IPCEI EuBatIn – European Battery Innovation project authorized by the European Commission in January 2021, funded  by MISE in March 2022 and launched this year, will end by 2028. In addition to the research and development phase of the new technologies, new laboratories will also be built. These labs will host not only project-related testing but also work of industrial partners.

For FBK, the final result of the project will be the development of a series of technology components related to flow batteries and fourth and fifth generation batteries, as well as an innovative 50 kW/200kWh prototype for both stationary applications for energy storage from renewables and for use in mobility.  The activities will also focus on studying new battery system designs aiming at reducing cost and size, increasing safety and improving environmental sustainability.

In particular, the IPCEI fund obtained from GES amounts to 53 million euros and that obtained from FBK to 6.5 million euros.