FBK to coordinate the AIPLAN4EU project: artificial intelligence for European small and medium-sized enterprises

24/11/2020 With a total funding of 5 million euros, Fondazione Bruno Kessler, in partnership with 15 international partners, will bring "automated planning" to the AI4EU platform

In January 2019, the European Commission launched an on-demand artificial intelligence platform (www.ai4eu.eu). A system that would allow members of the Community (scientists, innovators, businesses, citizens…) to access tools normally available only to research centers or large companies. This is the context of the project coordinated by the Foundation, which will develop a framework to make technology and guidelines related to automted planning accessible to any interested user. To this end, the project will develop interfaces capable of facilitating the adoption of automated planning technologies in the industrial environment. “A project – explains Paolo Traverso, director of the ICT center at FBK and head of AIPlan4EU – which will first of all allow many innovators to come into contact with a technology that has so far been the prerogative of a few selected companies. FBK has worked a lot in recent years on this type of systems and the participation in the project of large companies such as Airbus, Saipem and Procter & Gamble underline the importance of research in artificial intelligence and automated planning”.

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