FBK takes part in #onceuponatry

11/06/2019 It all starts with an idea: the greatest inventions and discoveries of humanity are online thanks to the new interactive project by Google Arts & Culture in cooperation with Fondazione Bruno Kessler

FBK contributes with stories that tell a number of research projects developed in the institute over the years. Among these, we find the thirty-year efforts in the field of artificial intelligence and the knowledge challenges of the “Webvalley” international Data Science summer camp for students under 18, a unique interdisciplinary research experience; or a journey in space, to get to know FBK’s contribution to the CSES/LIMADOU Chinese space mission.

Thanks to the Google Street View technology, online visitors can take a tour of the Foundation’s science and technology hub located in Povo (TN), as well as explore the laboratories that normally are not accessible to the public. They can enter the clean room, the laboratory where many high precision devices that accompany our daily lives, as well as the X-ray detectors, which are launched into orbit as part of the space modules, or the sensors used in colorimeters to evaluate the purity of diamonds are manufactured.

Explore for free “Onceuponatry” on Google Arts & Culture or via the iOS or Android apps