FBK receives the support of the Vrt Foundation and the Caritro Foundation (Calls 2020 – Covid-19 Emergency)

18/11/2020 Research that helps people

In 2020 the Fondazione valorizzazione ricerca trentina (VRT) allocated 900.000 euros for research “that helps people“, supporting projects that continuously invest in a sustainable relaunch of the Trentino economy with positive effects on people and the territory.

Through four calls, characterized by speed and impact in strategic sectors (medical research, advanced diagnostics, paediatric tele-visit and tele-rehabilitation, technologies for distancing, technologies for sanitation, technologies for distance learning), it has given support to 18 projects proposed by research institutions and companies from Trentino.

Among these, five have been awarded to the Bruno Kessler Foundation and one to a spinoff of FBK selected from among the innovative Trentino companies that participated.

FBK projects supported:

  • Research

Stefano Merler- FBK – Covid-19 Epidemiology

  • Advanced diagnostics

Emanuele Olivetti – FBK – Rapid diagnostics through RX and CT scan Pediatric

  • Tele-visit in Trentino

Stefano Forti – FBK TrentinoSalute4.0 – Paediatric tele-visit in Trentino TREC– APSS (call Covid-19)

  • Technologies for distance learning

Annapaola Marconi – Kids go Green – FBK – Technologies for distance learning for primary schools

  • Distancing technologies

Gian Pietro Picco (Università di Trento – Disi) / Amy Murphy (FBK): technologies for distancing

Riccardo de Filippi – Motorialab Srl c/o FBK – Distancing for alpine skiing in Trentino

Further information: https://www.fondazionevrt.it/