FBK-MIT agreement

Data Processing
04/01/2017 A collaboration agreement for the creation of a joint laboratory between Fondazione Bruno Kessler and MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) on Big Data was inaugurated in 2016.

The joint program will cover the field of the so-called Big Data, the massive amount of digital data that are multiplying daily thanks to new technologies, and in particular those originating from behavior analysis to develop innovations applicable to businesses and the public sector.

“Fondazione Bruno Kessler”, said FBK president Francesco Profumo, “is proud to participate in this new joint initiative with MIT. The challenge will be to launch, on a national and European scale, ambitious research projects on big data that would generate, also in collaboration with companies, highly innovative applications in the field of smart cities and communities. The alliance will also be a useful opportunity for an exchange of researchers, graduate students and post-docs between MIT and FBK “.

“FBK ICT Center”, said the director Paolo Traverso, “will participate in this joint laboratory with MIT thanks to its own internationally recognized research expertise. The goal is to achieve a great living lab nationwide that will allow a computational study of individual and collective behavior, some already experienced in recent years locally with the Territorial Mobile Lab in Trento. Regarding privacy, we propose that the data should be of people, according to the model of the personal data store”.