FBK-Boeing collaboration

03/01/2017 Researchers at FBK-Embedded System Unit have conducted a joint scientific study with Boeing on the topic of safety assessment based on formal mathematical models, which was presented at the most important world conference in the area of formal verification, CAV 2015.

The strategic collaboration of the Trentino based research center with the international aerospace giant arose from the expertise in the field of formal verification of the Embedded Systems Unit led by Alessandro Cimatti at FBK’s Center for Information and Communication Technology, directed by Paolo Traverso.

The study wasconducted as part of the Unit’s activities on model-based safety assessment (MBSA) activities, which also enabled the participation in European Space Agency projects and further paved the way for pioneer industrial applications. In 2014, FBK and Boeing signed a five-year strategic cooperation agreement. In the context of this agreement, Boeing funded a joint research and development project, whose purpose is to investigate the application of safety assessment techniques based on formal models to the design process of Boeing, with the goal of demonstrating their usefulness and suitability for improving the overall development and supporting aircraft certification.