Creating EPILAB to fight mosquitoes and invasive species

11/06/2019 Fondazione Bruno Kessler and Fondazione Edmund Mach against the spread of alien species Epilab systemizes the competences present in Trentino for the study of transmissibility and risk from infectious diseases.

Fondazione Bruno Kessler has a long tradition in the modeling of infectious diseases, in the study and the prediction of the key parameters that regulate their transmissibility.

Fondazione Mach, instead, is renown for its expertise on field entomology.

The EPILAB mixed research unit systemizes these resources with a focus on emerging vector-borne diseases, in particular the tiger mosquito.

Epilab will have the task of quantifying both the health risk associated with the presence of mosquitoes carrying pathogens, and their possible spread by means of mathematical and statistical models.

The common goal is the development of integrated methods to understand and prevent the spread of pathogens that these species can transmit.