CREATE-NET, a Research Center of Excellence for the Telecommunications of the Future

28/06/2017 The Center is part of Fondazione Bruno Kessler since January 1, 2017

The Research Center CREATE-NET (Center for REsearch And Telecommunication Experimentation for NETworked Communities) has obtained a further H2020 grant for a new project in the field of the future 5th generation mobile communications networks “5G”.

The Center, internationally renowned for its competence in the field of Information and Telecommunication Technologies, strengthen its research and development on-going activities within a number of further H2020 European research projects on 5G technologies where it is involved: SESAME, COHERENT and 5G-CROSSHAUL. In particular, the 5G-Essence project will evolve the current 4G mobile network to provide a better response to service needs in terms of data exchange speed and network response time. Specifically, 5G technology is being developed to respond to multiple scenarios ranging from connected self-driving cars, to smart factories, to applications developed with connected drones, to telerobotics or telemedicine, where network response time must be less than a millisecond. The project will have a duration of 30 months and, together with CREATE-NET, other 20 companies in the field of research organizations and European companies in the industry will be participating.

CREATE-NET’s main goals are to reach research of excellence in the field of Information and Telecommunication Technologies (with a special focus on Digital Infrastructures of the Future such as networks, cloud and Internet of Things) and to promote technology transfer to the market thanks to the engineering of technology and solutions.