COVID-19 Infodemics Observatory: FBK Global Reference For Infodemiology

03/07/2020 The CoMUNe Lab working group led by Manlio De Domenico, 2019 Young Researchers in Statistical Physics Award (IUPAP-C3, 2017) recipient, monitored the progress of misinformation on Twitter by processing millions of data and creating an interactive visualization system for the spread of the Covid-19 infodemic.

The “Covid19 Infodemic Observatory” had such a resonance that it rapidly became a point of reference for monitoring fake news on a global level during the pandemic.

Manlio De Domenico and Pier Luigi Sacco were invited by the WHO (World Health Organization) to hold a technical webinar to describe the work carried out and introduce the tool created, and, subsequently, they were involved in the construction of a framework to contrast the fake news on the topic, through a collaboration agreement.

It has received wide and relevant media coverage on a global scale (New York Times science; UNDPNatureWHOTortoiseProspct).