COVID-19 and digital communication in healthcare

28/09/2020 The pandemic has pinned down both the pros and the cons of a revolution that involves relational aspects.

Monica Consolandi was invited to discuss the topic “Toward a Digitized Medicine: The COVID-19 Pandemic as a Disclosure of the Importance of Communication in the Clinical World” within the “10th annual Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference”, which was held online on September 25, 2020.

At the center of the conference are topics such as clinical ethics, history of medicine, medical anthropology, religious approaches to health, health narratives, health education, prospects for well-being. Consistent with the FBK Center for Religious Studies’ mission, Monica Consolandi presented her research on communication between healthcare professionals, patients and families in the time of Covid19. This kind of communication is mediated by technology but has a deep and esential human basis. Here is the summary of her conclusions.

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