Artificial intelligence in agriculture: from research to innovation with the creation of the startup Tessa

tessa agritech
05/12/2019 A research product that stems from FBK's strong focus on the technological advances in agriculture 4.0 and on the opportunities opened by artificial intelligence in this sector.

Evidence of this is the close collaboration with Co.Di.Pr.A (Agricultural Producers Defense Consortium) and the foundation’s participation in Microsoft’s”AI for Earth” program with a solution to prevent damage caused by heat waves.

In particular, the work carried out at the FBK laboratories as part of the AGRIOT project, resulted in the creation of Tessa, a company that develops innovative products and services for precision farming applying research findings and experimentation of IoT technologies to agriculture.

The solution is based on the use of battery-powered wireless sensors for collecting data from the field in a timely manner and with high granularity.

The data collected this way feed the ultra-local forecasting models based on predictive algorithms (AI) that help determine the future evolution of crop conditions providing an important support to agronomists and farmers in making the best decisions.

Tessa aims to help farmers in their daily practices by supporting them in shaping the future of an agriculture that is sustainable and that allows the improvement of yields and product quality while reducing overtreatments and preserving natural resources.