Aldo Moro: Thought and Politics. The National Edition of his Works

08/05/2017 The project for the national online and open access edition of Moro's works, to which FBK is collaborating through the Italian-German Historical Institute (ISIG) and Digital Humanities team with the Center for Information and Communication Technologies (FBK-ICT), has been presented at the Historical Archive of the President of the Republic's Office, in Rome

On the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the death of the statesman, the Aldo Moro Academy of Historical Studies, in collaboration with the National Edition of the works of Aldo Moro, has organized a meeting titled “ALDO MORO: THOUGHT AND POLITICS. The National Edition of his works “.

FBK is the partner chosen by the Scientific Committee of the National Edition to develop the software for the analysis of Moro’s writings. Il Mulino will publish the work (which will be freely accessible online) and FBK (with their Digital Humanities research unit of the ICT Center and FBK-Isig) will implement the tools for the automatic document analysis, which will allow some textual content research (key concepts, person names, places, co-occurrences…), and on the writing style.

For some years now, the Digital Humanities team and the Italian-German Historical Institute have been working to develop new tools for analyzing writings and political discourses. DThe Foundation is involved, as scientific partner, in two of the three national edition projects funded by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism (MiBACT) (Moro’s Works, De Gasperi’s correspondence).