A decentralized cloud platform to guarantee power, speed of calculation, privacy and security to emerging AI applications

30/11/2018 DECENTER is a new research and innovation project (funded by the European Union and the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT) on cloud technologies and Internet of Things in support of AI applications.

Coordinated by Domenico Siracusa from Fondazione Bruno Kessler and by Seung Woo Kum with the Korea Electronics Technology Institute, DECENTER started in July 2018 and will last three years.

The project brings together 11 teams, from Europe and South Korea, with expertise in the three reference technology sectors, Cloud Computing, IoT and AI:

  • Fondazione Bruno Kessler
  • Atos
  • the City of Trento
  • Robotnik
  • University of Ljubljana
  • Korea Electronics Technology Institute
  • Gluesys
  • Daliworks
  • LGU+
  • the National University of Seoul.