#menoviruspiùconoscenza is a dissemination project launched by FBK in March 2020. Since the first days of the emergency, we have collected in this section a selection of available information material: from conferences with Piero Angela to science pills with our researchers, from lessons about the future, to stories for the little ones. The section also collects links to scientific content relating to Covid-19 treated in a popular way and accessible to all.

Epidemiology, predictive models
The scientific studies of FBK researchers who examine the transmissibility of Coronavirus and the strategies to contain its spread.

FBK Salute – the new coronavirus
The FBK Formazione Salute project provides an information platform with selected materials ranging from the latest relevant news in scientific literature, clinical information, technical guidelines for doctors and healthcare professionals, suggestions and reasoned collection of online information sources from the library of the University of Trento.

Covid-19, Infodemic Observatory
From the pandemic to the infodemic: the interdisciplinary skills of the CoMuNeLab working group led by Manlio De Domenico monitoring fake news on Covid-19 emerged through twitter on a global scale.

Covid-19: research, considerations, insights
A collection of contributions on current issues: research, apps and considerations made available by the FBK research community.

FBK scientific publications themed Covid-19
Consult the sheets relating to the main Coronavirus-themed publications written by our researchers and published by international scientific journals

Use  the web app that collects information from official sources to keep you updated on the Coronavirus emergency in Trentino ( in italian)

Consult data and interactive Trentino maps here https://covid19trentino.fbk.eu/

Artificial Intelligence Readings
Use  the web app that collects information from official sources to keep you updated on the Coronavirus emergency in Trentino ( in italian)

The FBK Italian-Germa Historical Institute offers a range of resources: texts, tools, videos and interviews

This FBK start-up will be offering its translation services  free of charge until May 31 to spread information as much as possible in this difficult time.

“COVID-19, Religion and Belief”, a series of webinars, organized by BYU LAW in collaboration with the Center for Religious Sciences (ISR) of FBK, intend to explore the strategies and initiatives of governments and religious actors to address the crisis caused by the spread of the pandemic.

What do Fbk-Irvapp Researchers read in times of quarantine
The FBK research institute has not stopped and the production of knowledge keeps rolling! IRVAPP researchers are delighted to share some of their interests with you.

FBK Live

The discussion will be broadcast in Italian only

Bruno Kessler Lectures
The Bruno Kessler Lectures are conferences that FBK promotes annually with
top international speakers, invited to lecture about big current issues for a lay audience. Among others you can find the lectures by Piero Angela, Roberto Viola (European Commission), economist Michael Spence and Pulitzer prize winner Jared Diamond.

Costruire il futuro
The series of conferences created by Piero Angela and hosted in Trento by Fondazione Bruno Kessler in collaboration with the University of Trento, the Foundation for the School of the Compagnia di San Paolo and Rai Trentino.

FBK conferences
A collection of the most important conferences held a Fondazione Bruno Kessler and by FBK researchers

The interview
Interviews to FBK guests and researchers on research and current issues.

Drops of Knowledge
In just few minutes our researchers present scientific concepts with an easy-to-understand language.

Stasera che Scienza!
Interviews with science communicators featured in the series of conferences hosted by FBK.

Readings on AI
A collection of useful links to learn more about FBK’s approach to the world of AI.

Stories of viruses and knowledge
The protagonists of these stories, collected last April 2020, are the people who work and collaborate with TrentinoSalute4.0, the competence center for digital health made up of PAT, APSS and FBK. Researchers, technologists, computer scientists, project managers, project and office managers and coordinators tell in 16 interviews about the work they are carrying out during this pandemic and which allows us to design health services that are ever better and closer to people.

children initiative banner

Nine fabulous stories for children and teenagers read by professional actors.

Kids Go Green #iorestoacasa
Children can explore the world directly from home with Kids Go Green.

menoviruspiùconoscenza for schools
The researchers of the Bruno Kessler Foundation, in collaboration with the University of Trento (DiPsCo, DICAM, C3A) and other local authorities, wish to offer at schools some training modules for in-depth study and reflection on topics of scientific and humanistic relevance.

Nine fabulous stories for children and teenagers read by professional actors.

Senti chi ricerca! Storie di vita e di scienza
FBK researchers talk about themselves f in short interviews, in the form of a conversation.

Radio CCV (Combatti #CoronaVirus)
The #podcast created by our researcher Claudio Ferlan and his nine-year-old daughter Mateja, to turn this time together into an opportunity: stories from Marie Curie to Emma Watson.

Virtual tours of our laboratoies are available via the Google Arts & Culture platform at the following link: bit.ly/FBKvirtualtour

All Fondazione Bruno Kessler locations are closed but the life and work of the FBK community continues also in these weeks.

For some time now, the Foundation has equipped itself with tools and technologies that allow continuity to research activities and support services.

At the same time, to keep people interaction alive even when working remotely, some new initiatives have been launched (and further ones will start soon), aimed on the one hand at ensuring staff an adequate and effective level of services, on the other to offer opportunities for interaction and discussion among colleagues.

Please see below the initiatives already in place (work in progress):

  • aa “special” Welcome Office help desk for foreign staff, to provide clarifications, language and informative support, including information on the Coronavirus situation
  • e-learning contents accessible via the FBK Academy portal
  • constant and interactive communication and involvement with hangout chatrooms
  • “virtual” workshops held by the researchers themselves for the children of their colleagues within the Families Share project

Internal communications, ministerial decrees, ordinances issued by the Autonomous Province of Trento and useful links.

At the link above we have collected some important announcements and information related to Covid-19.