FBK for Health

FBK for Health is a program designed to integrate activities and expertise of Fondazione Bruno Kessler with advanced training exercises, in collaboration with local institutions concerned.

Medicine is going through a time of big changes – a paradigm shift – which steer its profile, instruments and organization. The activities and competences of Fondazione Bruno Kessler can be found in different nodal points of the Healthcare system layout that is emerging, and has been already partly implemented. Today, central concepts such as Systems Medicine, personalized medicine, and continuity of care find in the scientific, technological and methodological know-how of the various Foundation Research Units, significant elements of strength.

FBK for Health is a program designed to integrate that expertise with advanced training exercises, conducted in collaboration with the local institutions concerned: the Provincial Agency for Healthcare Services (APSS), the University of Trento, the Medical Association, and the School for specific training in general medicine, which is housed in a wing of the Foundation and with which FBK for Health collaborates synergistically.