Workshop Mathematics for Computer Vision 2018

The workshop MCV emphasizes the role of Mathematics as a rigorous basis for Imaging Science

Event schedule

15/02 — 16/02
Fondazione Bruno Kessler – Povo, Via Sommarive 18
15/02/2018 — 16/02/2018

Fondazione Bruno Kessler – Povo

Via Sommarive 18

Mathematics for Computer Vision is a 2-day Workshop focusing on Mathematical issues behind Computer Vision Applications. The workshop MCV emphasizes the role of the Mathematics as a rigorous basis for Imaging Science, by presenting well-established or innovative mathematical techniques applied to computer vision problems, e.g. image enhancement and segmentation, semantic image labeling, object/people detection, recognition and tracking, and by reporting new problems in Mathematics arising from Computer Vision applications.

MCV aims at bringing together the world of the Mathematicians with that of researchers working on Computer Vision, by stimulating interaction and collaboration; and at providing to the participants and in particular to master and PhD students a wide overview of the current use of Mathematics in Computer Vision field.

The workshop is open to researchers working on Mathematics and/or Computer Vision, to Master- and PhD- students, and Post-Doctoral Fellows with background and interest in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Telecommunication Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Cognitive Sciences. Indeed, the workshop offers an opportunity for advanced young researchers and advanced students to interact with speakers and senior researchers.

Participants are encouraged to present a research in poster format. Posters may address issues related to the topics addressed in the oral sections, but they are not limited to.

Registration is free but compulsory.


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