Workshop “Big Data in Health: What is it. What it is not. What is it Used for.”

1st workshop organized by Trentino Salute 4.0. Admission upon invitation only, with registration required.

Event schedule

Sala “Luigi Stringa”, FBK Povo, Via Sommarive, 18, Povo
14:30 — 18:30

Sala “Luigi Stringa”, FBK Povo

Via Sommarive, 18, Povo

Who is it powered by? What is it? How can it be used in healthcare? What applications are already in place in Trentino, Italy and abroad? What are the legal aspects, strengths, needs, future prospects?
The conference, organized by Trentino Salute 4.0, involves Big Data experts, managers, clinicians and researchers who will answer these questions and will discuss the use of Big Data in healthcare to jointly build opportunities and common strategies.

Admission upon invitation only (Registration required).

Streaming of the event is available here


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