Nutrition and lifestyles in the prevention of chronic degenerative diseases

As part of the "Key to Health" project, Prof. Luigi Fontana is leading an important event open to the entire community that includes the participation of APSS and PAT

Event schedule

Sala “Luigi Stringa”, FBK Povo, Via Sommarive, 18, Povo
14:30 — 16:30

Sala “Luigi Stringa”, FBK Povo

Via Sommarive, 18, Povo

Professor Luigi Fontana will focus on the importance of nutrition, physical exercise and cognitive training in the prevention of the most common chronic diseases and in slowing down the aging process.

Luigi Fontana is one of the world’s leading experts in the field of nutrition and longevity. Currently he is a full professor at the University of Brescia and Washington University of St. Louis, where he carries out research and teaching in the field of preventive medicine and nutrition sciences. His most recent publications include “La Felicità ha il sapore della salute” (with Vittorio Fusari), published in 2018 with Slow Food Editore, and “La grande via” (with Franco Berrino) published in 2017 with Mondadori.

The event is free and open limited to seats availability. It is not possible to park at FBK’s premises.

Watch the talk:


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