GEOTERM final conference: Geoexchange in Alpine areas

Mappa geotermica del Trentino
The GEOTERM project aims to assess the suitability and potential of the Trento Province to host heat pump geoexchange facilities for air conditioning across its territory, and to provide, cartographically, the results of the work. The new provincial geothermal maps, available in WebGIS, is a valuable tool for planning, as well as for the responsible and sustainable development of this technology.

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Increasingly stringent regulations are driving energy design of new buildings and of buildings undergoing major renovation to the increasing integration of renewable sources. According to Decree No. 28/2011 of January 1, 2017 thermal energy production plants must be designed and manufactured so as to ensure at the same time compliance with the coverage, through the use of energy produced by plants fueled by renewable sources, of 50% of the expected use for hot water, heating and cooling. For public buildings, integration requirements are 10% higher.

Geothermal heat pumps represent a financially attractive option, and can be applied almost anywhere, enabling the transfer of heat to and from underground, with high energy efficiency and fully meeting, in every season, heating, cooling and domestic hot water needs.


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