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Enhancing investments with Industrial Analytics software skills and technologies and using data to increase competitiveness in 4.0 industry-enterprises

Fiera di Vicenza

Via Oreficeria 16, Vicenza

On the occasion of the CAE International Conference,  EnginSoft and Fondazione Bruno Kessler have organized a panel discussion to talk about Industry 4.0.

During the course of 2017 and in the first months of this year, the process of digitization of manufacturing companies towards what is called Smart Manufacturing has taken an exciting acceleration. Thanks to the National Industry 4.0 Plan, Italian manufacturing companies have strongly upgraded their machinery, which is clearly certified by various data and indicators.

  • +11% investments in machinery and equipment compared to 2016 (MISE)
  •  +13.5% in Italian UCIMU index on machine tool orders compared to 2016; +4.7% foreign orders, +45.9% domestic orders (UCIMU)
  •  2.4 billion euros the value of investments in 2017 for the specific components and services of industrial digitalization (Osservatorio Industria 4.0 POLIMI)

More than 50% of the sample of companies interviewed in the research of the Industry 4.0 Observatory has already benefited from the incentives of the Industry 4.0 Plan and another 25% intend to do it shortly. (Research of the Industry Observatory 4.0 POLIMI – June 2018)

Many of the companies that have already invested are in a position to have a large amount of data (product, process and field data) available from which it is now possible to obtain the maximum value for their business. With which technologies and with which competencies?

This panel discussion intends to give a possible answer to these questions through:

  • The analysis of rapidly evolving scenarios and the exposure of Industrial Analytics technologies with particular attention to those of Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Reinforced Deep Learning, M2M, etc.) with a specific focus on their current level of industrial implementation;
  • The analysis of the skills necessary to implement a true digital transformation 4.0 related to the human-machine relationship; digitally run supply chain management; smart maintenance; Lean Manufacturing 4.0; Cybersecurity
  • The debate with entrepreneurs and managers who have already faced, or are preparing to do so, issues related to corporate digitization

The goal is definitely ambitious, given the current small size of concrete applications in the manufacturing sector and their still recent implementations. However, through the talks of sector experts and representatives of the business world, we will try to provide a clear and complete picture to managers and entrepreneurs who want to exploit the competitive opportunities provided by Big Data through investments in industrial analytics skills and technologies.

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