On Eva’s Side – Religion Today Film Festival

The project is being presented on Saturday, October 14 during the opening of the 20th Religion Today Film Festival with a reflection on twenty years of cinema, media, women, religions

Aula Grande, FBK Sede


“On Eva’s side” is the name of the project promoted by Fondazione Bruno Kessler with the collaboration of the Center for International Cooperation and the Religion Today Film Festival, and the support of the Equal Opportunities Unit of the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Thanks to the participation of a group of women of different religious backgrounds, the initiative provided in recent months significant opportunities for reflection and dialogue on gender relations, equal opportunities and the role and image of women in public space and in different communities of faith. The shared experience of a dense spring workshop has also come to fruition in a “video manifesto” designed and produced by the participants.

The program now opens up to the public audience and, within the 20th Religion Today Filmfestival, takes a look at twenty years of cinema, media, women and religions. Saturday, October 14, at 10.30 am, the Aula Grande Hall of Fondazione Bruno Kessler, via Santa Croce 77, will be hosting a multi-faceted debate between culture, religion and gender studies. Following the greetings of Simone Semprini, Chairman of Religion Today, and Irene Scarascia, who followed the project for FBK, the morning event, with the coordination of Elisa Rapetti of the Center for International Cooperation, will give voice to the women involved in the production of the manifesto. In commenting on the work, Katia Malatesta, director of Religion Today, who dedicates to women’s image and condition at least one section every year, will talk about the changing ground at the crossroads between cinema, gender and religion, trying to clarify what it means to be a woman, and a believer, in front of and behind the camera. Women around the world, in fact, claim new spaces: a wide-ranging phenomenon, deflagrating, crucial to understanding the movements and dialectical tensions that exist within each religious group. Likewise, from Hollywood to Bollywood, a formidable array of new authors, actresses and female characters, in Italian “personagge” – to echo the necessary but disruptive expression introduced in recent years by the Italian Society of Women of Letters – is changing the rules of a film industry “of men and for men. ” Finally, Sara Hejazi, a researcher at the FBK Religious Science Center, will propose a talk entitled Public Muslim Women: the building of Islamic women in the media.

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